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Extra-legroom Seat bookings

At Dragonair, we’d like you to have the option of securing a seat with extra legroom in our Economy Class cabins.

For an additional fee or by redeeming Asia Miles, Dragonair customers can secure an Extra-legroom Seat.

The Extra-legroom Seats are available to passengers who meet our exit-row seat safety requirements. * Seats are subject to availability.

Flights Amount per sector
  Cost Asia Miles
Flights between Hong Kong and Indian Subcontinent.
USD130/HKD1015 26,000
Flights between the destinations not mentioned above.
USD35/HKD275 7,000

Charge can be paid in HKD (departing from Hong Kong), USD or equivalent in local currency by the exchange rate for USD at the point of sale, and is subject to currency fluctuation.

Passengers can book an Extra-legroom Seat online or by calling our local reservations after ticket issuance, up to 24 hours before flight departure, or when checking in at the in-town or airport check-in counters*.

*Excluding check-in at “Self Check-In Kiosks”

The Marco Polo Club** or Asia Miles members must have sufficient points for redemption at the time of booking their Extra-legroom Seats.
How to redeem:

  • Redeem via Asia Miles Centre by phone before arriving at the airport or,
  • Arrange redemption for Extra-legroom at The Marco Polo Club/Asia Miles service counters at Hong Kong International Airport.

All Extra-legroom Seats are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

**Free of charge for Silver tier or above members of The Marco Polo Club (Not applicable to spouse or companions).

Extra-legroom Seats are located near the emergency exit doors and are subject to the flight safety guidelines of the Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong.* A passenger may occupy an Extra-legroom Seat if he or she meets the following safety requirements and will not obstruct emergency exits, impede the crew in their duties, obstruct access to emergency equipment, or hinder aircraft evacuation.

In order to occupy an Extra-legroom Seat, you must:

  • be at least 12 years of age at the beginning of the journey.
  • be able to understand and carry out safety instructions in English or Chinese.
  • be able to promptly reach, lift and throw open the exit door in an emergency.
  • not be a passenger travelling as an Unaccompanied Minor.
  • not be frail.
  • not be a passenger with any permanent or temporary disability, including a passenger travelling with a service dog, using portable oxygen, or requiring the use of medical equipment on board.
  • not be seated with an infant.
  • not be under the influence of an intoxicating substance.
  • not be travelling with someone who needs your assistance in an emergency.
  • not require the use of an extension seat belt.

If a passenger does not meet these safety requirements, Dragonair may re-assign the passenger to a regular Economy seat before or during the journey without the need to refund of the Extra-legroom Seat reservation fees.

*For A320 Type 2 aircraft, Extra-legroom Seats are located in rows 22–27 and row 33. Exit-row flight safety guidelines only apply to row 33 on this aircraft.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Extra-legroom Seats are assigned to eligible persons on a first-come, first-served basis on flights operated by Dragonair.
  2. The Extra-legroom Seat assignment is made separately and independently for each flight.
  3. The Extra-legroom Seat will be available with an additional fee of USD$130 or USD$35, or equivalent in local currency by the exchange rate for HKD at the point of sale.
  4. An Extra-legroom Seat is assigned only upon full payment of the Extra-legroom Seat fees and ticket fare.
  5. No mileage points are rewarded for the amount paid for an Extra-legroom Seat. 
  6. Passengers need to fulfil safety requirements when occupying Extra-legroom Seats. Please click here for the full details and safety requirements on Extra-legroom seating.
  7. Dragonair have the sole discretion, at check-in or boarding, to determine whether a passenger meets the requirements to sit on an Extra-legroom Seat. If he or she does not meet any one of the above safety requirements, Dragonair may re-assign a regular Economy seat before or during the journey without refund of the Extra-legroom Seat reservation fees.
  8. The Extra-legroom Seat is non-transferrable and non-refundable.

    In the following exceptions, Cathay Pacific Airways will refund you if the Extra-legroom Seat is not utilised: The refund will be USD130 or USD35 or equivalent in local currency, as full and final compensation. Refund will be in the original form of payment and within 7 calendar days. Note: For customers who cancel the original booking without rebooking another flight at the same time, there will be no refund.
    • the flight is disrupted
    • the flight is cancelled by Dragonair/Cathay Pacific Airways
    • the connecting flight is missed because of flight re-timing of an inbound/outbound Dragonair/Cathay Pacific Airways-operated flight
    • if Extra-legroom Seat is not available when you move to a different flight.
  9. Extra-legroom Seats have certain characteristics, including the following specifications:
    • There is significantly more legroom than other seats in the economy cabin;
    • The Extra-legroom Seats are located near the emergency exit doors;
    • The arm-rests between the Extra-legroom Seats cannot be retracted because meal-trays are stowed in the arm-rest section.