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Peanut allergy

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We acknowledge that some passengers may have allergic reactions to peanuts. However, due to operational and supplier limitations, Dragonair cannot under any circumstances guarantee a peanut-free environment to passengers either in our aircraft cabins or airport lounges. If you require a peanut-free environment, Dragonair cannot provide this.


Peanut snacks

Peanut snacks are an integral part of the Dragonair service. However, passengers with peanut allergy can request that non-peanut containing cocktail snacks be served in their class of service on a Dragonair flight.

Provided Dragonair receives a properly documented request no less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure, Dragonair will endeavour to provide cocktail snacks not containing peanuts to all passengers in the same cabin (i.e. first, business or economy). Please direct your request to your local Dragonair reservation Office. In addition, we also recommend that passengers submit a completed MEDA form in reference to their condition.

Passengers with peanut allergies are notified that these alternative snacks which do not contain peanuts may still contain traces of nuts or seeds which are commonly noted allergens.

Please be aware that there might be unpredictable circumstances such as flight disruptions due to weather or mechanical problems that may call for a last minute aircraft switch or change in your itinerary. In these circumstances we may not be able to guarantee the replacement snacks. We will however do our best to accommodate your needs.


Peanut-free meals

Dragonair serves meals where peanut based products may be an ingredient, and cannot guarantee against accidental cross-contamination of peanut products within the network flight kitchens during catering production. This is because peanut-based ingredients, peanut oil and non-specified peanut containing trace elements are widely used throughout Asia Pacific. Peanut snacks are also an integral part of the Dragonair service. In view of this, it is with regret that Dragonair cannot guarantee against accidental cross-contamination of peanut products within the inflight-catering network, and therefore cannot provide peanut-free meals. Passengers who require peanut–free meals are recommended to bring their own food items that do not require chilling or reheating inflight.

Peanut-free cabin

Dragonair cannot guarantee a peanut free aircraft cabin because we cannot prevent passengers from bringing their own peanut products on board, and cannot insist that they do not open or eat them.  We are also unable to modify the cabin environment due to individual passenger requests and cannot make general announcements requesting other passengers to refrain from eating peanuts.

Further, residual peanut products may be left in aisles, common areas or on seats from one flight to the next.   Passengers with documented peanut allergies can, subject to operational limitation, request priority boarding and bring their own cleaning wipes to wipe down their seating area.

Before you fly

We encourage passengers to consider the possibility of exposure to peanut products or traces when flying, especially if they accept inflight snack or meal services.

Should you feel that you require a peanut free environment to travel in, we advise you first consult your physician to see if you are fit to fly in the given conditions explained above. So that we may fully address your needs; passengers are also encouraged to contact their local reservations office at least 72 hours prior to departure. In addition, we recommend passengers also submit the physician-completed medical clearance (MEDA) form so that their fitness to travel may be assessed and the request for non-peanut containing cocktail snacks (to be served in your cabin on your particular flight) can be submitted.

Passengers with peanut allergies that do not require special treatments or considerations do not need to complete MEDA forms prior to departure.

Passengers with peanut allergies should take steps to minimize their potential exposure and to take all necessary precaution to prepare for the possibility of exposure – including, but not limited to, bringing their own food items that do not require any chilling or re-heating inflight, wearing a medical alert bracelet, carrying of their ready-for-use epinephrine (Epi-pens) or other appropriate anaphylaxis treatment prescribed by their physician which can be self administered. Travel companions, guardians or family members are expected to administer treatment should it be required. If they are not available, the affected passenger is expected to self-administer prescribed treatment specifically prescribed by their physician.

You may wish to print this page and take it to your physicians for discussion prior to your booking. If you or your physician still has questions or concerns, please contact your local Reservations office.

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