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Arrangements for Mainland China passengers holding Australian “Label-free Visas”

The new arrangements approved by the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China and the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship allow persons travelling to Australia on any Australian visa to travel without a physical visa label in their passports (i.e. “label-free visas”). 

These following arrangements apply to Chinese and other nationals departing from in the People’s Republic of China:

If you are travelling from an airport in Mainland China to Hong Kong (or any other international transit point) en route to Australia, it is strongly recommended that you ensure that the airline at your point of departure is able to issue your boarding pass to Australia. The Ministry of Public Security has advised that unless a passenger has a boarding pass for Australia, he/she will be unable to travel with a label-free visa. In this situation, you should request for a visa label with the relevant Australian authorities, or reconsider your route.

For more details of this new arrangement, please refer to the website of the Australian Embassy in China:

We hereby remind our passengers:

  • You are highly recommended to book the whole journey on Dragonair/Cathay Pacific Airways operating flights if you are holding the above mentioned “Label-free visa”.
  • At the airport, you should make sure all boarding passes have been issued to you during check-in, from the point of departure in Mainland China to your final destination in Australia.
  • If you need to make a stopover in Hong Kong during the outbound China journey, you should arrange for a visa label with the relevant Australian authorities.