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MPL Cadet Training Programme

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Dragonair MPL Cadet Training Programme

The Dragonair MPL Cadet Training Course is jointly delivered by CAE-Oxford Aviation Academy (CAE-OAA) and Dragonair.  Course timetable is as below.



Approximate duration

ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Training

Hong Kong CAE-OAA

26 weeks

Core Phase 1
(flying training – single engine)

Melbourne CAE-OAA

14 weeks

Core Phase 2
(simulator & flying training-multi engine/ multi crew)

Melbourne CAE-OAA

9 weeks

Intermediate Phase 3

Hong Kong CAE-OAA

3 weeks

Advance Phase 4
Aircraft Type Conversion Course

Hong Kong Dragonair

10 weeks

The course is sponsored by Dragonair which includes tuition fee, meals and accommodation while undergoing training in Melbourne, travel between Hong Kong and Melbourne at the commencement of phase 1 and completion of phase 2.  Cadets will also be paid a weekly allowance throughout their training period.