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1. How do you calculate the volume of emissions from a flight?

2. Is the cargo carried on a flight taken into account when you calculate the passengers' share of fuel consumption?

3. Why do I need to contribute more if I travel in Business Class or First Class?

4. Is the aircraft type taken into account when calculating my contribution, given that some aircraft are more fuel efficient than others?

5. Do seasonal flight time variations result in any variations in emissions?

6. How are emissions calculated when I travel on multiple sectors?

7. What happens when I travel on multiple sectors, but not all of them are Dragonair or Cathay Pacific routes?

8. Is there any industry standard used for calculating air travel emissions?

9. How do my emission contributions calculated by Dragonair/ Cathay Pacific compare with those calculated by other airlines?

10. How much environmental damage does flying cause?

11. What's the issue with contrails and cirrus cloud?

12. How does carbon offsetting work?

13. What are carbon credits?

14. How effective are carbon offsetting programmes?

15. What else are Dragonair and Cathay Pacific doing to manage their emissions?