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Charitable Donations

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The Nature Conservancy

Change for Conservation

Dragonair and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) have been running the inflight charity-fundraising programme "Change for Conservation" since 2004, and as of December 2011 a total of HK$8.35 million has been raised. Travellers on Dragonair flights are encouraged to donate spare change to TNC when returning from their journeys. Funds are used in the conservation projects run by TNC in various parts of Mainland China, such as creating a system of protected areas with sustainable policies in place; alleviating poverty, one of the principal causes of unsustainable natural resource use and biodiversity loss; and developing sustainable economic alternatives for the people in these areas.

Relief Efforts

Dragonair responds quickly to help those affected by natural disasters by making charitable donations through fundraising campaigns launched by Cathay Pacific Group. 

For the Sichuan Earthquake in 2008, Dragonair, together with Cathay Pacific, raised more than HK$20 million for victims. The donations included contributions from staff and company matching. Most of the donations went to the Hong Kong Red Cross relief efforts. Dragonair also sponsored free carriage of 39 tonnes of cargo shipments and 9.4 tonnes of excess baggage from Hong Kong to the quake-affected areas.

Other major relief efforts participated in recent years include:

2011       Japan, Yunnan and New Zealand earthquakes

2010       Qinghai earthquake, Pakistan flooding and Gansu mudslide

2009       Taiwan typhoon Morakot 

2004       South Asian tsunami                  


Dragonair also supports a range of community initiatives through various types of in-kind sponsorship, e.g. air ticket sponsorship, for charitable causes.