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  • All our aircraft are equipped with special baby bassinets and packs as well as a wide range of baby food
  • Each aircraft has at least two toilets with special fold-down tables for changing diapers.


  • A healthy newborn infant is ready to travel with us after the first week of delivery
  • The infant must be accompanied by a parent / guardian
  • Infant fare will be charged when an infant travels with a parent / guardian and the infant does not occupy a seat
  • The infant passenger must be under 24 months throughout the whole journey. If the infant turns two years old before the return trip, applicable child's fare, tax, fee and charges apply.
  • A maximum of two infants can be accepted for travel with each parent / guardian under the following conditions:

    1. One of the two infants must reach 6 months old and occupy an infant car safety seat. The applicable child fare will be charged
    2. The other infant must be secured onto the parent / guardian with a child restraint device. Infant fare will be charged
    3. The parent / guardian should bring their own infant car safety seat which must comply with the Cathay Pacific approved specifications below.
      • The above conditions are subject to aircraft type. Infant/child car safety seats / CRS / CARES Harness may not be used on some of our aircraft passenger seats due to safety requirements. For further information, please contact our Reservation Office.
  • With effect from 1 August 2013, an infant must travel with an adult passenger in the same cabin. An infant ticket (travelling without a seat) must be purchased at the same or the next applicable higher infant discount fare based on the fare of the adult travelling companion. The infant ticket is subject to fare rules and conditions.

Car Safety Seat

Subject to restrictions below, a personal infant/child car safety seat can be taken on board:

  • A separate passenger seat must be purchased for the infant/child occupying the car safety seat.
  • The infant/child occupying the child safety seat must be accompanied by a parent / legal guardian or a travel companion of at least 18 years of age, occupying an adjacent passenger seat.
  • The infant/child car safety seat is required to have the following characteristics:
    • The car safety seat is designed for carrying an infant/child who has reached 6 months of age but is under 3 years old
    • It is forward-facing
    • It is in operational condition
    • It has a well-defined shell (e.g. a plastic frame), and if there is a separate shell and understructure, they must be securely attached to each other
    • It is designed for easy and quick securing and removing of a child
    • It has a single-release-type harness that secures a child’s lap, torso and shoulders
    • It has a single-release-type harness designed to prevent easy release by the child occupying the seat
    • It has harness straps that have a minimum width of 1” (25 mm)
    • Any adjusters on the harness straps that are lift-type must be designed to release only when it is lifted to a positive angle, to prevent the child from easily adjusting and loosening the harness straps.
  • Installation requirements of the infant/child car safety seat:
    • The car safety seat must be secured to a passenger seat throughout the flight
    • A car safety seat with an integral harness must not be installed such that the adult safety belt is secured over the infant/child
    • The buckle of an adult safety seat must not lie on any sub-frame member of the car safety seat after tightening
    • The car safety seat must sit securely on a passenger seat -- whether its lower part is a shell or understructure, it must not extend unreasonably beyond the passenger seat.



First Class

Business Class

Economy Class


Infant seat

Infant seat

Infant seat

A330 (2-Class)*

Not applicable


A330 (3-Class)


Not applicable

A320 – Type 1

Not applicable

A320 – Type 2 Not applicable Not applicable

*On selected aircraft, a personal infant/child car safety seat cannot be taken on board

Please note the above table is for reference only. For further information, we recommend you contact our local Reservations office or Travel Agents


  • All our aircraft are equipped with special baby bassinets. A bassinet measures 76.20cm (30") x 38.10cm (15") x 20.32cm (8") and can carry up to 12kgs
  • Please note however a baby older than 6 months may feel uncomfortable in a bassinet
  • A request for a baby bassinet (BSCT) can be made at time of reservation if passenger is travelling with an infant.