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Applicable Fees for Dragonair Tickets

Last updated: 27 Feb 2015

Applicable Fees for Dragonair

1/Rebooking Fee

  • Before/After Departure: Collect rebooking fee of US$150 and tax difference, if applicable. Rebooking fees are only applicable to Promotional Fares , Economy Special and Economy Supersaver fares. In the case of Hong Kong, Economy Supersaver are non-rebookable, while Economy Save and Economy Special are subject to US$100 rebooking fee.

Note: If date change includes change in seasonality,there will be a fare difference from Low to High Season. No refundwill be applicable  for change from High to Low season.

2/Rerouting Fee

  • Before/After Departure: US$150 plus fare and  tax difference if applicable.

Note: Route downgrade is not allowed. In case new routing is lower than previously issued route, tickets may be re-issued without refund. Reissuance fee and tax difference will be collected if applicable.

3/Upsell Fee

·         Before/After Departure: US$50 plus fare and tax difference.

Note:  If upsell is to a mileage accruable booking class and it involves rebooking and rerouting, no need to collect rebooking or rerouting fee, upsell fee will suffice.

4/Name Correction Fee

  • Please note that tickets may be reissued due to Name correction if names are mispelled only. Reissuance is not allowed if it wil be reissued to a different person. Name correction fee is subject to US$150.

Acceptable Name Correction:

  • Shortened names like Ma to Maria or vice versa
  • Missing letters/ Mispelled names (same sounding)
  • Maiden to Married name as long as marriage certificate is provided
  • Change of title – MR to MS or MSTR to MIST, etc.

 The following name corrections will NOT be allowed:   

  • Name suffixes such as JR changed to SR, III, etc.
  • Middle name changed to Last Name
  • Totally different names or surnames even if acidentally interchanged
  • Additional second name

5/Refund Fee

  • For partially used and totally unused tickets: US$150
  • For expired tickets: US$200

Definition of expired ticket:

For completely unused tickets – one (1) year after date of issuance

  • For half-used tickets – one (1) year after date of first flown sector

6/Non-User Fee (NUF)

The applicable Nonuser fee for Premium Economy and Economy Class is US$150 and for Business and First Class is US$200.

Who shall Pay Nonuser Fee

  • Departing passengers with tickets issued/reissued/revalidated  in the Philippines who fail to use their confirmed airline seats will be required to pay the Nonuser Fee.

Who gets EXEMPTED from the Nonuser Fee

  • Passengers who fail to show up for their flight for the following reasons are exempted from paying the Nonuser Fee:
  • Advance Notice
  • Passenger informs the airline or its General Sales Agent or IATA Travel agent of the change or cancellation of his booking. Such notice must be given before 12:00 noon of the last working day prior to the scheduled date of departure
  • Misconnection
  • Passenger is unable to arrive on time for a scheduled flight due to late arrival or cancellation of a connecting flight (domestic or international)
  • Serious Accident Involving Passenger
    •    This must be supported by a police report and a hospitalization certificate
  • Death of a Passenger