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Portable Electronic Devices (PED)

The use of certain portable electronic devices is restricted inflight, as they may interfere with the aircraft systems and must remain off while the aircraft is taxiing, during take-off, and landing.

Small handheld portable electronic devices such as smart/mobile phones, tablet, eBook in “Flight Safe/Airplane” mode with Wi-Fi functions disabled may be used throughout the flight. Devices such as electronic games, music players, digital cameras, camcorders, calculators, electric shavers, breast pumps and digital thermometers may be used throughout the flight.

Larger electronic devices such as laptops, notebooks, portable DVD players, may only be used during boarding and in-flight. However, they must be stowed away for taxi, take-off and landing. When in use these devices must be in “Flight Safe/Airplane” mode and all transmitting functions such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi must be disabled.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices must not be used throughout the flight.

Please note that all portable electronic devices must not be plugged into the aircraft's utility electrical power supply outlets. An exception is made for electric shavers which may only be used in the appropriate sockets in the lavatories.

Portable electronic devices that are prohibited from use at all times are:

  • Radios & transmitters, such as televisions, AM or FM or digital radios, walkie-talkies, amateur radio/transceivers, citizen band (CB) radios/scanners and remote controlled devices/toys
  • Network & connecting devices, such as wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) devices
  • Personal appliances, such as air purifiers, smokeless cigarettes and electric massagers
  • Domestic appliances, such as kettles, irons, heaters, hair dryers and electrical inverters/converters.