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Other Travel Advisories

Last updated: 02 Dec 2013

Passport and Visa information for passengers holding PRC Passport

Holding PRC Passport to Hong Kong 

Visa is required except the following: 

  • If holding "Document Of Identity For Visa Purposes" issued by Hong Kong Immigration bearing its endorsement (usually on last page of the travel document), the holder of this document may return to Hong Kong during its validity without a visa. OR
  • If visitor is eligible for Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card OR
  • Visa not required for a stay up to 7 days, provided that holder will travel onward to a second destination. Visitor MUST hold confirmed onward ticket, sufficient funds and all documents required for next destination.

Holding PRC Passport to Taiwan 

  • PRC passport holders must apply for entry permit or "Entry and Exit Permit" (Pink / Purple in colour) issued by Chinese Taipei to Nationals of Mainland China.
  • All visitors are required to hold onward/return tickets and documents required for next destination.

Holding PRC Passport to other countries 

  • Visa is normally required for PRC passport holders entering other countries. Travellers should also possess return and / or onward tickets and sufficient funds.
  • Passengers are suggested to contact consulate / embassy of destination, and make sure all the necessary documents, such as Visa and tickets, are fine before leaving PRC.

Passport and Visa information for Taiwan Visitors

Taiwanese visitors who do not possess any travel document issued by other authorities outside Taiwan need to apply for Entry Permits to enter Hong Kong for the purpose of visit, employment, training, investment or residence. 

  • Visitors must hold a passport valid for at least 6 months; and
  • Visitors must hold a valid travel document with a valid entry endorsement; and
  • Visitors entering Hong Kong should complete an arrival card and a health declaration prior approaching Passport Control; and
  • Taiwanese visitors should apply for entry permits relating to their purposes of entry via travel agents with one of the 21 authorised airline companies. They may also choose to apply for an i-Permit but they must hold a travel document valid for at least 6 months for re-entry to Taiwan; and
  • Entry Permit is not required to enter Hong Kong for a stay up to 7 Days, provided that visitor is a resident of Chinese Taipei who holds a "MAINLAND TRAVEL PERMIT" (Tai Bao Zheng, green coloured travel document with only Chinese title) with valid endorsement for mainland entry/exit. This travel document should not be confused with the "P.R.C. Travel Permit”(Also in green, but printed with both Chinese and English titles), which is valid only for mainland China citizens who travel from/to China (People's Rep). Holders of the "P.R.C. Travel Permit" require an appropriate entry permit to enter Hong Kong (SAR CHINA). 

In all cases, if passengers hold:

  • APEC CARD (ASIA-PACIFIC ECONOMIC COOPERATION) together with a visit permit; or
  • TRAVEL PASS issued under the HONG KONG (SAR CHINA) Travel Pass Scheme,

a visa is not required.

Infant Fare Policy

As it is a flight safety ruling that passengers aged 24 months and above must be assigned a passenger seat when travelling on Dragonair, Dragonair's infant fare policy is as follows: 

Passengers under 24 months of age:

  • Not occupying a seat: Applicable infant fare will apply
  • Occupying a seat: Applicable child fare will apply

A passenger, between 2 and 11 years of age, must be assigned to a passenger seat. Applicable child fare will apply.

The age of the passenger will be calculated at the time of travel. A passenger, between 2 and 11 years old, will be required to purchase a ticket at child fare even if the ticket was purchased before the child turned 24 months of age. Or infant has turned 24 months old when journey commences.

Outbound Travel Alert (OTA) Special Ticketing Guidelines

Handling fee for Rebooking/Rerouting

Handling fee for





(T1 ) Full Normal Published Fare or oneworld fares

No charge

No charge



(T3) Special Published Fare or oneworld special fares

Subject to ticket Terms & Conditions


Subject to ticket Terms & Conditions


(T5) Special Discounted Fare
Discounted fares, package fares sold in conjunction with hotel accommodation and/or cruise

Subject to ticket Terms & Conditions


Subject to ticket Terms & Conditions


(T7) Non-refundable Fare
fanfares, prize tickets, etc.

Not Allowed

Allowed, handling fee waived

Not Allowed

Not Allowed

(T9) Group Fare

Not Allowed

Allowed. Handling fee waived

Not Allowed

Allowed with HK$400/$800 (Short/long-haul)
handling fee


  1. The newly rebooked or rerouted sector must observe and conform to the conditions of the respective fare rule e.g. blackout dates, flight, weekend/weekday travel, stopover charges, and applicable seasonality by collecting additional/refunding difference (if any) as appropriate.
  2. For T9 Group Ticket, this policy only applies if the travel agent operating the tour group suspends all tour groups to the destination under red/black travel alert.

All Dragonair e-tickets are printed with a fare type indicator for easy identification. Passengers are advised to consult their travel agents or contact Dragonair if in doubt.

Details of the HKSAR Government’s Outbound Travel Alert are available at http://www.sb.gov.hk/eng/ota/.