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Hong Kong International Airport

Welcome to our hub -- Designed with You in Mind

Just what is Dragonair hub at Hong Kong International Airport? Quite simply, it's a state-of-the-art traveller's paradise, designed with you in mind. Our hub offers a wide range of services and benefits -- all aimed at making your arrival, departure and connections as smooth, convenient and pleasurable as possible.

To learn more about Hong Kong International Airport -- our home, visit the official airport website at: www.hongkongairport.com

SKYPier Brings You One Step Closer

You can now connect to the new ferry service with the opening of SKYPier, and travel onward to Macau(Maritime Ferry Terminal and Taipa), Fuyong (near Shenzhen Airport), Humen (Dongguan), Jiuzhou (Zhuhai), Nansha (Guangzhou), Shekou (Shenzhen) and Zhongshan from the airport. Tickets are available in the Arrivals Level (transit area) at Hong Kong International Airport before immigration. You may purchase them at least 60 minutes before scheduled departure time. Please have your Chinese visa ready for inspection during the purchase.

If you're leaving Hong Kong via this ferry service, you need to hold a confirmed air ticket before boarding the ferry. Once you have landed, you can check in at the ferry terminal. Please make sure you would arrive at the airport at least 110 minutes before scheduled departure time.

Travel Time
Service Operator
45 mins
Chu Kong, CotaiJet and TurboJet
40 mins
Chu Kong
65 mins
Chu Kong
50 mins
Chu Kong
60 mins
30 mins
Chu Kong
70 mins
Chu Kong

All the Comforts and Privileges of Home

When you fly with us, you will enjoy some unique privileges when you arrive at the Hong Kong International Airport, our home.